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(RECAP) #LiveAtLunch: Tips + Tricks For Planning Social Media Posts Using Info You Already Know

We recently shared our first ever #LiveAtLunch Instagram Live broadcast and it was so much fun! It was also our CEO’s very first time going live on Instagram, so while she was teaching, she was also learning! If you happened to miss the broadcast, we’ve got you covered with our notes from the session.

If you haven’t already noticed, this month we’ve focused a lot of our posts, blog articles and newsletter updates on social media. Despite its popularity, business owners, brands and creatives still have lots of questions about how to make it work. Most know that it does work, they’re just curious about how to make the biggest impact possible while staying within budget. 

Our #LiveAtLunch focused on the planning process of social media usage for business purposes because it’s the step that many people (including our team) often skip. The thing is, if you don’t plan your social content then you don’t have a social media strategy. Without a strategy, how do you know that what you’re posting is working for you? How do you know that it isn’t working? How are you learning how to make your business better from your audience?

Newsflash! You aren’t.

(But you can with these tried and true tips below.)

Align your goals and objectives.

Use social media to achieve your business goals. What do you want for your business in the next 3 months? Your answer to that question will drive the type of content you post on Instagram. Whether it’s to build awareness of a new service, product or project…to increase your sales…your goals will indicate what you post to your feed and stories.

Visually match your content with your brand identity.

Because our agency is a service oriented business, visually showing what we do can be challenging. However, it’s still important to be able to capture your brand identity with each post. By knowing ahead of time that your photos need to match your brand identity, you can take the guesswork out of what you should and should not be sharing. You can do this by staging your photos. Using all the information you have at hand about your products or services, create a shot list. Planning your shots based on what you know about your business gives you time to get the perfect shot, create the perfect message to go along with the shot (your caption) and be prepared for anything that may interfere with you being able to post at any given time.

Use your knowledge to provide value.

Many people think that the more information you share, the less people will want to pay you for your services. This is not true. Sharing value establishes you as an expert, so what can you share with your audience to help you achieve your business goals? Before consumers and those who follow you on social media will buy from you, they need to trust you. You can gain their trust by providing value to them.

To get a jumpstart on your social media content strategy, download our free planner and get started today!

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