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5 Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Social Media Content

This really goes without saying but social media is a must in today’s business landscape. No matter what industry you’re in, social media should have a well defined place in your marketing plan. While the platforms vary – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. – the need to plan remains the same. We frequently come across business owners who do not currently have a social media strategy and instead are just posting on a whim and then wonder why social media isn’t helping their cause. It usually boils down to a lack of planning.

Check out five reasons why you should be planning your social media content below.

1 | You’ll be closer to reaching your business goals.

It’s challenging to reach any goal without having a strategy and the goals you’ve set for your business are no different. Social media is a free tool to help you get where you want to be in terms of your business goals, however many business owners underestimate the amount of strategy is takes to make social media work in all the ways that it can. By planning your content in advance you can actually align your posting strategy with your goals for the month.

2 | You’ll have an attractive feed that is appealing to your target audiences.

Planning ahead gives you the time to be extremely intentional and creative with your content. Think about it this way – if you’re posting on the fly, there’s only so much you can do. You’ll be so focused on putting something out there that you aren’t considering the type of impact, if any, that it’ll make on your audience. If you want to reach those business goals that you’ve set, your feed must be able to your grasp the attention of your audience. Having a specific voice, a cohesive color story, branded graphics and images that reflect your business will attract the customers and clients that you want to reach.

3 | You’ll build an engaged community.

Your best clients and customers will feel like they have a relationship with your brand. Planning your content helps you construct messages that will boost engagement (likes, shares, follows, comments, etc.) and strengthen the connection between you and your customers. Think about how you can create conversation through what you share online. Responding to questions, addressing complaints and sharing customer feedback are just a few ways to accomplish this.

4 | You’ll be prepared for the unexpected.

One thing we can count on in life is for something to go wrong. We often tell our clients that if something can go wrong, it will. Planning your social media content in advance helps to safeguard you against those unexpected life events that pop up. For example, if you social media manager suddenly gets sick, your feed won’t be abandoned for the week. Because the posts and messages have already been developed, someone else can easily step in and make sure it gets posted on time. This keeps you efficient and consistent no matter what happens.

5| You’ll be able to measure and adjust your strategy.

You will never know or be able to pinpoint exactly what is working for your business and what is not if you don’t have a strategy that includes measurable goals. Always ask yourself what you want social media to accomplish for any given time. Set those goals and objectives and then plan the content accordingly. Once the time frame has passed, revisit those goals to see if they’ve been met. If they have, what did you do? That’s what you should keep doing more of.

Planning social media is a tedious but necessary task to make this aspect of marketing as effective as it can be. If you need an extra boost of help, contact us here to set up a consultation and to discuss our social media management packages. You can also download our free Social Media Content Planner as a guide for your weekly posts.

Click here to download our free Social Media Content Planner to get a jumpstart on your social media posts for the week.

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