Making PR Personal

Personal branding is a significant asset for your business’ public relations duties. Customers, clients and consumers care more and more about who’s behind the businesses that they love. The public, whether knowingly or not, invests into the people who operate a company. Therefore, establishing and aligning your personal brand with the needs and expectations of your consumers is key.

The personal aspect you provide to your business is what will make your customers YOURS. Building a rapport with your consumers drives brand loyalty by maintaining a personal brand that aligns with the content you produce for your business. Also, by building a personal brand or a social media presence, you get to show your audience what you do and why it is a valuable service. You will build credibility and be able to provide expertise to customers and insight on who/what/why/how you do what you do.

According to Forbes, a significant way to build your personal brand is through self-publishing.  This means business owners should utilize the social media sites we love so much by publishing relevant content, blogging and hosting podcasts. A few other tips include producing in person events, gaining media coverage and seeking public speaking opportunities. Most importantly, when establishing a personal brand, do not forget the accountability factor that audiences place on business owners. Publish meaningful content, add flair and personality, but always be mindful of what you are saying.

To put it plainly, sell yourself and your business as one. People want to love the creators of their favorite things as much as the things that they love.

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