7 Reasons to Start Blogging

If you’re a business owner and not utilizing a blog on your website, you’re really missing out. Blogs aren’t just for social media influencers and moms. They’re a useful and highly effective marketing tool for brands and business owners. Here are seven reasons why you should start blogging on behalf of your brand.

1 | Increase traffic to your website.

The average company that blogs earns 55% more website visitors (Influence & Co.). By regularly sharing blog posts that live on your company website, you are driving more traffic to your website and simultaneously increasing your brand’s awareness.

2 | Generate more leads.

Blogging helps business owners generate more leads. By monitoring your blog traffic and engagement, you’ll be able to better target and acquire potential customers.

3 | Market your business cost-effectively.

Blogging is a cost-effective way to market your business. Instead of paying for advertising, you can utilize free space on your website to produce content.

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4 | Position yourself as a thought leader.

Publishing posts related to your industry gives you the opportunity to share your expertise.

5 | Learn more about your audience.

Blogging gives you access to a wide range of insights through Google Analytics. You can track your readers by location, device and interest. You can also learn more about their age and habits. These tools will help you craft posts that are in demand and more likely to boost engagement.

6 | Get more focused.

This is one of our favorite benefits of blogging. In the process of developing a content strategy, you will inevitably become more focused on what you’re offering your audience and how you can maintain your value.

7 | Share your story.

Blogging allows you to share your company’s story with your readers. It’s the perfect place to share your company’s values, mission, philosophy or even highlight your staff, team and offers.

Now that you understand why you should be blogging, let us help you get started! Check out our upcoming blogging workshop by clicking here or download our 25 Blog Post Ideas cheat sheet.

Click here to download our 25 Blog Post Ideas cheat sheet.

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