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Our 2019 Agency Goals

Just about every business owner you know has set or is in the process of setting some goals to work toward in 2019. Many people believe goal-setting at the top of the year is cliche, but if you don’t have an idea of where you want to go, how can you ever get there?

In the spirit of the new year, we’re sharing with you a few of the goals we’ve set for our agency. Check them out below.

Secure high budget projects.

We enjoy working with all of our clients, regardless of their budget, but this year we really want to focus on securing projects with high budgets. The truth is that we have really ambitious ideas and to see them come to life and earn the results we know that they can, we have to have access to a certain amount of funds. Being able to secure the equipment, manpower and technology that some of these ideas call for will really allow us to show potential clients what we can do.

Create digital products and offers for clients with smaller budgets.

Helping small businesses and startups is really where our passion lies. We love the free range and flexibility that comes with smaller businesses. Although we’re focusing on securing large projects this year, we want to continue serving our small business owners through digital offers (eBooks, workbooks, templates, etc.) that are more budget friendly.

Be more intentional with our agency Facebook page.

We are constantly preaching to our social media clients about the importance of having a strategy for individual social platforms, yet we neglect to practice it ourselves. We have a pretty good thing going on Instagram so we plan to develop a strategy for Facebook that will be unique to that platform.

We’ve got several things in the works as it relates to these goals and we have a couple of other things we’re working toward as well. We would love to hear some of the things you’re hoping to achieve this year. Share them with us in the comment section below.

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